a settlement of the Yatvingians and the Prussians

the old railway station building


  • Open-air museum, (homestead from the 19th and 20th century);
  • Ethnography Museum of Józef Vaina;
  • The Old Vicarage - gallery, museum;
  • Neo-Gothic style church;
  • Restaurants with Lithuanian regional food “Sodas”, ,,Karczma” (the tavern)," Zajazd Puński" (a roadhouse) at the open-air museum.

In the neighborhood

  • Castle Hill in Jegliniec;
  • historical monuments (to partisans, commemorating regaining the Independence of Lithuania, to Bishop A. Baranauskas and others);
  • a tourist trail “The Green Rue Route";
  • a tourist trail “Traces of Yatvingians” Rutka Tartak - Smolniki - Wiżajny - Stańczyki - jez. Hańcza - Szurpiły - Jeleniewo - Suwałki – Szwajcaria (around 160 km);
  • Suwałki Landscape Park;
  • Polish deepest Lake - Hańcza;
  • Sejny – the post-Dominican Basilica, the Jewish Synagogue;
  • Wigry National Park;
  • Postcameldolite monastery in Wigry;
  • Museum of John Paul II in Wigry;
  • cycle Tours - Suwałki Bicycle Ring Route;
  • mushroom picking, harvesting fruits of the forest;
  • WOSiR Szelment - ski slopes;
  • trips to Lithuania.


        In winter you can also spend your leisure time here. For anyone interested we organize the rides in a sleigh in the beautiful winter scenery. Up to 50 people can participate in such a sleigh ride at the same time. Those who are frozen may warm up by the fireplace (in the house).

    The program includes:
  • the ride in a sleigh;
  • warm tea;
  • roasting sausage on fire on your own;
  • bread;
  • mulled wine;
  • warm kartacze (grapeshot-shaped potato pie), czenaki (roasted vegetable mix) or bigos (stewed dish made of sauerkraut and/or fresh cabbage;;
  • live music.

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