The opening of the summer season

        Among the participants of this event there are folk groups from Puńsk, folk bands from Lithuania, folk artists from Suwałki and different regions of Poland and Lithuania. An interesting point is that you can see iron forging demonstration, baskets weaving, embroidering, you can ride in a horse-drawn buggy or a wagon, go boating, sit at a bonfire or participate in folk dances with music.  (...)


St John‘s Night - Feast of dew (Midsummer‘s Day)

        Midsummer‘s Day is celebrated when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky and we have got the shortest night. This period coincides with the ripeness of vegetation. Some people on St John‘s eve collect herbs because it is believed that the ones collected on that day are particularly good as medicine, bring health and happiness. Bunches of flowers were once hung at the gate through which the carts with cereal harvested from the fields used to go. That night the herbs were burnt because it was believed that in this way they would burn all the evil and disasters plaguing a man.  (...)


Feast of bread, milk and honey

        For the first time the feast of bread, milk and honey was organized on 15 August 2004, during traditional festival of Puńsk community - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. The three mentioned products are very important for every human being. The bread is particularly important. It is not only a basic component of our menu. From the pagan times there were different rites, tales and traditions associated with bread. Christians in one of their basic prayers also pray God: “…Give us this day our daily bread…”  (...)


St. Ann’s day

        During this feast there is organized a concert, bonfire, folk band performances, fish meal and other attractions. On the occasion of this feast we solemnly wish all the women who are called Ann all the best on their name day. The event takes place on the last Sunday of July at the lake Sejwy in Recreation and Leisure Centre "Šilainė".

Sporting events (competitions)

        For more active people we recommend a participation in a sports day organized by the hosts. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the appropriate field of sport in which he/she wants to participate. The main disciplines are: cross-country race (for different ages), triathlon for men, the throw of the tire, lifting weights, run with the bag of sand, basketball, volleyball, soccer, abseiling down, and many others.

Closing of the tourist season

        Although the ends are usually sad, on that day a good humour does not leave us. Everyone has the opportunity to dance to good music, have fun and stay in nice atmosphere. On that day we enjoy ourselves and thank for newly arrived guests and new experiences that we had in the last summer season. The event finishes with a disco with the Lithuanian pop music. The event takes place on the last Saturday of August.



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