The wooden house by the lake bank surrounded by the pasturage, close to the forest is something that most people dream about nowadays. Here you will find peace and quiet. Our guests will stay in fully furnished rooms.
        At their disposal we have:

  • the flat for 4 people with a kitchen and bathrooms (2 bedrooms, common kitchen);
  • a bedroom for 2 people with a kitchen annexe and a bathroom;
  • a bedroom for 4 people with a kitchen annexe, a bathroom, terrace with a view of lake and forest, possibility of 3 additional beds;
  • a bedroom for 2 people with a kitchen annexe, a bathroom, possibility of 3 additional beds;
  • a meeting hall (with a fireplace) with a big kitchen (max 50 people) and a laundry room.

The guests living at the ground floor have at their disposal a big balcony, garden furniture, a barbecue etc.

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  • the possibility of participating in such activities of the farm as: making preserves for winter (in jars), bread baking, meat smoking, etc.;
  • excursions to the nearest surroundings;
  • rides in horse-drawn buggies;
  • fairs of folk handicraft;
  • there is a possibility of organizing occasional events, bonfires, camps;
  • there is a possibility of organizing mass event even for 3000 people;
  • there is a possibility of renting big tents with total area of 280 m2 for 300 people.


60 places available in military tents


  • fields for playing volleyball, basketball or football;
  • rental of boats, pedalos or kayaks;
  • campsite and caravan site;
  • mini bar;
  • fish smokehouse, barbecue;
  • washtub (Japanese sauna);
  • Finnish sauna;
  • unguarded bathing beach with a pier;
  • forest recreation paths;
  • cable slide;
  • mini golf;
  • horse riding;
  • swings.

Rides in horse-drawn buggies (or wagons)

        For organized groups we offer rides in horse-drawn buggies or wagons to the nearest places, forests. It is a very nice way of rest for children, teenagers and adults.

Washtub (Japanese sauna)

        Washtub, kibble or Japanese home sauna is really something new. It is a plain, wooden pail filled with hot water. While warming oneself in this kind of sauna we can sit there or recline, the water is heated up to 45- 50 degrees Celsius. The pail is placed on the shore of a lake which gives opportunity to jump into a blowhole of the lake in the winter time. In the past all family members or guests used to have baths in the same water. Nowadays we invite our visitors to indulge in this pleasure.

Finnish sauna

        This is a small wooden room in which you can warm yourself up already at a temperature of 85-120 ° C. In other words it is a dry sauna where from time to time you have to pour water over the stones topping a stove (used to warm up the sauna) in order to add a bit of moisture. This produces steam which spreads in all the sauna and makes it feel even hotter. Our sauna has got 2 “storeys” (shelves) - the higher shelf, the higher temperature.

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